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     Be on the look out for pop-up's that tell you that you are infected with spyware and or virus's.

Especially when you did not ask for it!

They have names like Win Anti-Virus 2006, 7 , 8, 9 ,10, 11, 12.
Or Win defender.

These are fake alerts and it is done just to get your Credit-card Info!!!

If you are told that you are infected and it asks for your credit card it is bogus!

Don't click on it just pull the plug and pray it did not install itself.

If it comes back you will need to clean it out.

(It normally tells you from the one's that I have seen that there are 6 to 9 infected files)

Also please remember that Microsoft does not email patches or
updates,  you must go to their site if you don't have it set to Automatic Updates!

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